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SP Series

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SP Series

SP Series

Our SP line of Professional washer-extractors is perfect for your on premise laundry. Freestanding operation and our excellent pricing means you'll save time and money in your laundry. Simple operator interface and robust design means infrequent maintenance. All 304 (18/8) stainless steel cabinet and wash area protects your investment. Available in capacities from 40 to 185 pounds.



Advanced Microcomputer, PC programmable, programs may be transferred with memory cards.
1 Compartment supply dispenser for dry and liquid chemicals
6 connections for automatic chemical injection
Stainless Steel cabinet. All parts in contact with the wash solution made of 304 (18/8) stainless steel.
Inverter drive - programmable variable speed
Single motor drive
Cool Down
Programmable water levels
Programmable water temperature
Rear drain connection

SP Series Superior Freestanding Construction A freestanding machine at hardmount pricing plus all the benefits such as reduced installation costs and productivity increase make the SP models superior. No need for expensive foundation or floor modifications. A G-force of 350G means less time in the dryer, saving energy and money. Look inside the SP models and you discover a suspension system that is unsurpassed with heavy springs and industrial shock absorbers. This means lower maintenance costs and super long life.

SP Series Large Door Opening Loading and unloading are fast and easy through the oversized door that opens 180 degrees. The door is located at a convenient height and is constructed of stainless steel and built with an oversized stainless steel hinge for extra strength and durability. The silicon door gasket is designed for long life and seals to the shell every time without leaking. A powerful and safe electro-mechanical door interlocking system is provided for safe and easy operation.

EL-6 computer The EL-6 Control The EL-6 electronic control center is easy to use and ensures that the maximum productivity and the lowest cost of operation are obtained. The microprocessor controls the temperatures, water levels, speeds, and maintenance intervals. It can be programmed stand alone, with memory card, and with a PC. The EL-6 can also be programmed to display in many different languages.

Bearing Housing Bearing Housing Rugged cast iron construction is used in our single durable bearing housing. The bearing housing increases the structural integrity and provides for longer bearing and seal life. The revolutionary CARB torroidal SKF bearing is used in the machine. It is the ultimate long life solution for high-speed washer-extractors. The shaft is made of high tensile strength steel, that meets the high standards used for load calculation of the bearings and shaft. Two double lip seals and face seals protect the bearings. The seals as well as the bearings can be greased manually yielding much longer life. The machines have provision for easy installation of automatic lubricators. Should the seals leak, the main bearings will not be damaged, thanks to an extra large leak off area in the bearing housing. A large leak off area is the answer to long bearing life, as water cannot enter the bearings.

Bearing Housing Inverter Drive AC Inverter Drive yields a powerful and flexible washer-extractor
No breaker popping inrush currents
Machines operate single or three phase
Fully programmable wash and extract speeds

Authorized Distributor for B and C Tech, B&C tech washer extractors in Los Angeles from one the best and well know washing machine repair service company.

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